Hola amigos. Salsita, formerly known as Boca Loca is your “boutique” Mexican food market which specializes in Mexican culinary flavours.

Take a trip to Salsita and discover a variety of entrées prepared in house for home consumption, specialty gluten-free salsas, guacamole (rumored to be the best in town), tamales, and much more, all made strictly from scratch with fresh produce, herbs, and dried chiles – canned ingredients have no place in our recipes.  
Take a cooking class with us, or bring in your recipes and we’ll help you put together the ingredients, answer any questions, and provide useful tips for real Mexican cooking.  

Celiac? Try our home-made tamales, taquitos, arepas, and enchilada casseroles all made with corn flour.

Latest happenings...

  • New Cooking Classes added
  • Day of the Dead molds available
  • We now have gluten free lime pies!

Planning a dinner party? Don’t want to spend the day in the kitchen? Relax! We’re here to help... just call us and our friendly staff will be more than happy to put together the perfect menu for your fiesta. Check out our catering menu!









We can help you with all your fiestas throughout the year:

  • Dinner Parties

  • Birthdays – Anniversaries

  • 5 de Mayo

  • Day of the Dead, etc.

Enjoy a worry-free, stress-free celebration. We are just a click or a phone call away.


Here are some of our popular items:


  • Key-lime pie

  • Tres-leches cake

  • Pulled pork/beef/chicken,

  • Fajitas

  • Chiles rellenos

  • Cocktail empanadas